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Ask the experts: Your dental FAQs answered by cosmetic dentists

With cosmetic dentistry on the rise, we understand that a lot of people in the UK are looking for answers about which treatments are the best, and how much do they cost?

With a lot of us looking to whiten our smiles and improve imperfections like chips and cracks as natural as possible, there’s no surprise why so many are turning to experienced and qualified cosmetic dentists who are achieving miracles on a daily basis.

We’ve sat down with two highly rated and experienced cosmetic dentists, who own their own practices in Surrey and London to answer your most pressing questions…

How much is a full set of teeth implants?

Implantologist Dr Ali Rifai (owner of The Gentle Dental; a cosmetic dentistry practice in Surrey):

“It can entirely depend on the materials and implant system you opt for. There are many affordable and cost-effective restorative treatments, for example, single implants can be great value for money when it comes to replacing one tooth lost to trauma or accident, whereas we would not recommend them for a full set. Patients can save money with treatments like All-on-Four which will use only four implants to replace teeth throughout the mouth - prices for this can be anywhere from £12,000-£24,000. A single implant at our practice costs £1,900 including the tooth, which is rare for some practices to include in their treatment. You can read more about our dental implants here.”

What does a cosmetic dentist do?

Expert cosmetic dentist Dr Philip McCauley (owner of Dorset Dental Implant Clinic):

Cosmetic dentists are concerned with the aesthetic appeal of the smile - treatments include veneers, implants and even clear braces. Learn more about our cosmetic procedures here.

How much is a set of veneer teeth?

Dr Ali Rifai:

“Some of our patients only have concerns with their top teeth, or what we like to call their “visible smile” this means they want to target the visible parts of their smile and save money by treating any other areas. A single porcelain veneer is priced from £795 (some veneers can cost £1,200 per tooth so this is extremely great value for money being porcelain). Some patients will require anywhere from four to six veneers. Available on 0% dental finance, the lowest monthly payment for four veneers is £66.75.”

What to do if my teeth are rotting?

Dr Philip McCauley:

“It’s really important that you seek assistance from a dental professional, the consequences of not treating tooth decay or gum disease can have serious consequences for your oral health with the worst being; tooth loss.”

Read the Dangers of gum disease.

Can you pay monthly for dental implants?

Dr Philip McCauley:

“The same with many other cosmetic dental procedures, dental implants can be paid for in monthly instalments with interest-free payments up to 24 months. To calculate your monthly payments we will need to identify the type of implant, the state of your oral health and abutment material in order to provide an accurate quote.”

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