Teeth Whitening – Client Experience

Teeth Whitening – The Process

New blogpost was kindly written by a user on her experience getting teeth whitening for the first time. 

“Think of teeth whitening and you’ll be forgiven for running through the entire cast of The Only Way is Essex and cringing.

It was my first thought too but in a bid to be glamorous and armed with a friend in the know, I signed on the dotted line.

Before I knew it I was flat on my back on a beauty couch in a treatment room, on what I must say, was a very comfortable pillow.

Having been run through the procedure by my friendly Teeth Whitening Technician, I found my mouth clamped open with a plastic contraption fit for torture, where is the glamour in this?

I was pleased to learn that I had the option of a ‘Gundam’ applied to my gums to ensure the gel only whitened my teeth – white gums aren’t a good look so I said Yes, please.

Once the gel was applied, I lay rather peacefully under the laser for 15 minutes and the process was repeated 3 times.

I was surprised to find that there was no sensitivity or pain, which is a blessing because I’m a whinger at the best of times with a very low pain threshold.

There was some dribbling – although a small price to pay for a sparkling smile.

The real extent of how unbecoming the process can be is when you have to drink, swirl and spit a number of times, again very far from cool but necessary!

As the removal of the gum dam approaches, the excitement starts to build – worried that my teeth might look no different and I’d be left disappointed and with no chance of an audition for TOWIE, after all, I was never in the yellow teeth brigade to start with.

Well ladies and gents, worry I need not, my first look in the mirror was one I’ll never forget, talk about blinded by the light – abetter result than I could have imagined.

While the technician rambled on about aftercare it was all I could to stand and stare in the mirror at my new teeth, which coincidentally, looked rather dashing with my tan.

As I left the clinic I was handed a super little aftercare kit which included miniature pro-enamel toothpaste (I love miniatures) and some leaflets about looking after my pearly whites post-treatment. Very thorough.
As I drove out of the car park and waited at the traffic lights and I was unknowingly joined alongside by the technician herself, that’s right, she saw me, checking out my teeth in the mirror. How brilliant?

If you’re wondering what happened the glamour, I’d only have to flash you a smile, which I do quite a lot these days.”